Gouacho Junior

Gouacho Junior

The Colouring Book of Targar :


Download, in PDF size, "The Colouring Book of Targar " 5 pages. Print, draws, colours and enjoy you well !


  • "Hello, my name is Julia and I am student. The attractive colours attracted my interest and I looked at the site! I find that it is great! What pleases me most, it is the idea, that there is a universe which must be discovered ! It is wonderful, that you, Targar, kept silent shows us to us, the children and the adults, a new part of our universe! I like very much the drawings which are magnificent ! Mister Kraft's accent is really funny ! And Lady Belle She is so beautiful ! I write this e-mail to say to you BRAVO, because I feel that it is extraordinary !" Kisses, Julia.


  • "Hello, I have just connected on the site of Targar which I knew by word of mouth. I find it very interesting and really great for the children. Drawings are magnificent, the words and the music of songs very beautiful and the story I find it beautiful. Then I would say only a thing : it is necessary to continue to make the children dream and the parents ! I thanked the person who made me discover this site and I go, from this evening, make it discover to my daughter. It is really, SUPER...SUPER... SUPER !!!" Bertrand.


  • "This site feels good the smell of the wide... What an invitation in the journey ! I like all which is paper, pencil, penholder, ink, blotting paper and all the smells which are appropriate for them or mixed and which has never dreamed to fly ? Say to me fast how to get me the passport which will allow me to follow Targar. Beforehand one thank you." Françoise.


  • "It is really a magnificent site for the children. Targar... Your history reminds us "Petit Prince" and also in "Lady and the Tramp" ... It is full of poetry, tenderness, love and in more it is how to say... REALLY ! My child 4 and 6 years like very much and the parents also... Bravo." Fabrice.


  • "Hello, we bought the book and the CD of Targar for Lukas. Lukas likes Targar. Every evening he falls asleep with and he would like a continuation... You Can inform us. Thank you and really Bravo !!!" Mary and Lukas.


  • "Hello, I am a nurse and I keep 4 children who are delighted to have received an colouring book of your team because we often play on your site which IS really the web site for the children. They like very much and I passed on the address of the site to the parents."


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