To participate to the treasure hunt of Targar, and to win the Targar Ebook & "Targar & Michael in Paper Land" it's very simple, it is sufficient to answer the following questions :

1) How is called, in English, the first book of the "Adventures of Targar " ? Help me please !

2) To the Paper Land, what profession do the corrugated cards make  ? Help me please !

3) Complete the following sentences : And to learn, you... ? And to see,... ? Help me please !

4) To the Paper Land, how is called the fruits of the trees of a pure and tender heart ? Help me please !

5) Turn the page, that'll do, but... Continues ! Help me please !

6) How did Mr Coryza catch cold ? Help me please !

7) Who told Lady Belle one day : "I love you." ?  Help me please !

8) How is called the fiancée of Mr. Kraft ? Help me please !

9) What to answer at the grown-ups when they ask questions ? Help me please !

10) How is the author of the "Adventures of Targar" called ? Help me please !

11) How is called the mouse pad with the image of the beach ? Help me please !

12) How many parasols are on the beach ? Help me please !

13) Who climbs on a trunk of covered cherry tree of icing ? Help me please !

14)  What shape have the leaky openings in the doors of the Booking-Game Palace ?

If you can answer these questions click here and can send them ! If answers are just, you will receive Free, by email, your Ebook : Targar & Michael in Paper Land."

Lisette The Gouachette

Lisette The Gouachette