We're the pencils, here we come

Hard leads and soft leads

We supply everyone

As the makers of words.

We the pen-nibs now flow

Paint-brushes fine and strong

The Alpha-Bed to sow

All day, every day long.


We are neat Sharpeners

We keep pencil trim

From time to time doctors

Helping cards to keep trim

Don't you fret for that line

We specialists are here

To make your features fine

Make your handwriting clear.


Now here we come

Erasa, erasi, erasum

Eraser troupe, dainty group !


We're the accents made to fit

Just like a French hat

On all words we can sit

But bad words we leave flat.

We can make you folders

Of every shade and hue

Little plain grey holders

And flowered jackets too.


We're the scissor brigade

Booking game's guards

We tough truckers are made

Of corrugated cards.

Little secretaries

Typing paper so clean

And us the directories

The "Grand's Chefs de Cuisine !"


Today in harmony

We're all here to see

Gutenberg's jubilee

In our beautiful day

To thank heaven sing free

All together in symphony...


Pen, Cil, and Michael sang along with the whole crowd.


May we all blessed be

And above all Belbi

In wonderful land... Paper land !


Song interpreted by Michael Montesquieu and Frédérique Renimel. Today this song is sung in French, but soon it will be available in English.


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Lucette la Gouachette

Lucette la Gouachette