Song Turn the Page


One after the other, they kissed Mimata and then went into the garden and down the path to the low hedge. As they were step­ping over it, Cil whispered in Michael's ear : "Do the same as we do."



Together, they took hold of the corner of the landscape and turned the page of the picture book.



                                        It's enough to turn the page,

                                        Best way to travel.

                                        Discover far-off places

                                        Just like Michael.

                                        Turn the page, that'll do,

                                        But you must believe it too !



In the twinkling of an eye, they found themselves in the square in front of the "Booking Game-Palace". Michael couldn't help thinking that the palace looked remarka­bly like the bookcase in which Grandfather kept his sea logs…



Song interpreted by Michael Montesquieu. Today this song is sung in French, but soon it will be available in English.



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Pen et Cil.

Pen et Cil.