1) The philosophy of the "Adventures of Targar ":


 The "Adventures of Targar" join within the framework of an educational and cultural project of awakening of the children the world which surrounds them, in the friendship, in the sharing, in the pleasures of the knowledge and the discovery. With the Stories of "Adventures Targar" the Audio CD with all the songs and the exercise books of colourings of Targar, we learn while enjoying itself... Because it is well known, because we learn and a lot especially much better when we enjoy ourselves. 


Targar gathers all the family around him and gives to the parents the occasion to offer to their child an original and modern contents which leans on universal and fundamental values. In the "Adventures of Targar" : we do not smoke, we do not drink alcohol, we do not make politics, we do not advocate religion, we do not speak about sex, we do not speak about money, we avoid any violence, etc.


 2) A playful and interactive program :


The web site, www.targar.com accompanies in a harmonious way the Stories of the "Adventures of Targar". The interactivity, which constitutes the heart of the "Adventures of Targar ", is so slowed down. The Internet users can: write to their favourites characters, who arrange each of a personalized e-mail, as : Targar, Pen, Cil, Mimata, Lady BelleMr. CoryzaMr. Kraft, The Gouachettes, The Gouachos and who will not miss to answer them; announce their feelings by sending an e-mail by clicking here; send their drawings, poems or the other creations, notably on the occasion of the organized competitions; give their opinion on to the history or imagine the other possible repercussions. They participate so directly in the enrichment of the Universe of the "Adventures of Targar ". 


 3) Respect for the particulars and for the private life :


The development of the new information technologies and the communication, allow today Michaël Montesquieu, the author, to market directly, without any intermediary, The Stories of the "Adventures of Targar". He makes a commitment to offer to his customers the respect for the treatment of the information promulgated by the CNIL.


The information collected during the purchase is exclusively passed on to the operators to treat your command as soon as possible. According to the article 27 of the law of 06/01/1978, you have a right of access and rectification of your particulars.


 Special thank to : Jean Costes, Jean-Paul Daine, Johnny Zyka, Peter Koger, Frédérique Walter, Delphine Lapöele...


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Lady Belle
Lady Belle
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Lisette Gouachette
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Dad Gouacho !
Mr. Kraft
Gouacho Junior
The Carvers Pencils
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Mr. Paintbrush
The Guard of Belbi
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The Red Paper Clip



Dear Parents,


1) My hands are small, don't expect therefore to perfection when I make my bed, when I draw, or when I send a ball. My legs are short, slow down so that I can follow you.


2) My eyes didn't see the world as you. Let me explore it in all security and without forbidden useless.


3) Take the time to explain me the things, with patience and good will. This world seems so marvelous !


4) I am fragile, even though I don't show it. Be sensitive to my needs and to what I feel. Don't ridicule me. Treat me as you would like to be treated, or better, as you would have liked to be treated when you had my age.


5) I need your encouragements to grow. You can, of course, to criticize what I make, without criticizing my person.


6) I am a gift of the nature; treat me, please, as Tel. I am responsible for my actions, but it is you that give me the example and agree with me of rules, with Love.


7) Give me the right to take some decisions myself, so that I learn my mistakes; allow me to experiment the failure. In this way, I will be ready, later, to take the decisions that life will order me to take.


8) Please, stop comparing me. I am unique. If you have too strong waiting for me, I won't feel at the height and it will mine my confidence in me. I know that for you it is difficult, but don't compare me to my sister, or to my brother.


9) Don't have fear to leave together for one weekend. The child has them as need of vacations, without their parents; all as the parents need vacations without their children. It is also a way to show us how much your relation is strong and how much you like yourselves.


10) Don't forget especially: "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I act and I understand ".


And as says Targar: "Try, because what counts that is the effort !"





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