One summer morning, in the attic of grandfather's house, Michael discovered an immense kite, yellow and red, with on a face, painted in the Indian ink, a smiling face … He was far from suspecting that a great adventure began, for him...


... "Do you want to come with me and visit my friends in Paper Land ?"


Michael thought that, after all, as he was already flying, he might as well go to Paper Land, so he agreed.


For safety's sake, the kite asked him to tighten the string around his wrist. He did, and then, like two shooting stars, they soared on up into the sky. Michael saw the horizon growing more distant : America, England, Europe, and North Pole...


And then the whole Earth, like a big bright ball, that gradually faded to a point and disap­peared. While navigating in the space, the kite began singing, soon imitated by Michael.


In space and the Universe,

There are so many things to see.

So surprisingly diverse,

Stranger far than any story.

And to learn, you must discover,

And to see, open wide your eyes.

Smile, laugh, kids, be glad all over,

That's the secret of growing wise !


I'll take you up, and away, to Paper land today,

Where pens, erasers, books, and chalks and pencils stay.

I'll take you up, and away, to Paper land today,

O kids, my greatest friends, come on let's fly away…


Where as they stopped singing, they settled in a landscape which Michael recognized at once. This big tree in the supplied foliage, this small house in the roof of red tiles... It was the picture book offered by Grandmother previous Christmas and that, inexplicably, had disappeared from the place where it had stored him. Interrupting its thoughts, the kite says to him: "You should know that here I'm called Targar. Come and meet my friends !" 

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- "You picked the right time to come," smiled Mimata, "would you do me the honour of tasting this sweet-words pie ?" And she placed a magnificent cake before them, still warm from the oven, with a mouth-watering aroma.


- "How can you make a cake from sweet-words ?" Asked Michael innocently.


Pen and Cil giggled.


- "Now, now," said Targar, "why are you making fun of him ? You'll make him feel all puckered up, and you ought to know how serious that is in Paper land. Don't you think it would be better to explain, instead of ma­king fun of his ignorance?"


- "You see," said Pen, "up here, it's rather like down there. There, you grow fruit and vegetables. Here, it's words and writing that we cultivate with care in the fields of know­ledge."


- "How do you plant them ?" Asked a very surprised Michael.


- "We sow the Alpha-Bet !" Replied Cil, surprised at the ques­tion… 


Pen replied. Then he went on :  "Sweet words and honey talk are the fruits of the trees of a pure and tender heart. But there are sour words, the bad and treacherous words that grow on the wild trees of hatred and malice. But you mustn't eat any of those, they're poisonous."


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Noticing the thick slice of cake that Mimata had placed before him while Pen was speaking, Michael picked it up and took a bite. He'd never tasted anything so deli­cious ! The sweet words melted in his mouth. Mmmm... It had a taste of... Well, let's just say it was just as good as Grandmother's goodnight kiss.  Vote for the web site of Targar


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