Cards are too rosy, or bordered in black,

And the Email rushed too fast.

Dollars smoke ghastly cigars, what bad luck !

And the check couldn't be cashed...


I'm Lady Belle,

And my Song is of Love,

For all know well

I await my true love

Tell me, where can he be ?


 - "She's Lady Belle, and her Song is of Love..." Sang Cil as she danced around.


- "What is... Love ?" Asked Michael.


- "Love," replied Targar, "is the most powerful crea­tive force in the universe, without which nothing that lives can grow or develop in harmony. Take a flower, pluck it, and throw it to the ground under the bright sun; soon it will wither and died. Take this same flo­wer and every morning smile at her with ten­derness like we do here, and tell her she's beautiful, then she will grow more glorious than all sisters, blossoming with thanks for helping her to become so splendid.


This flo­wer will achieve her full purpose, brightening up your garden, your house, and your life. And you will rejoice in her beauty, for which you are largely responsible." As he spoke, Targar had risen to his feet.


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- "Shall we go and eat ?"


- "O yes," said Pen, "I'm hungry."


- "Come on then. The Post's just around the corner."


They left the garden and, as they walked, Michael thought of the smiles that Grandfather and Grandmother gave one another so often. Now he understood why he was so handsome and she was so beautiful. His heart filled with reverence for his friend who made things so easy to understand. Vote for the web site of Targar


Lady Belle
Lady Belle
Lucette Gouachette
Lisette Gouachette
Alphonse Gouacho !
Dad Gouacho !
Mr. Kraft
Gouacho Junior
The Carvers Pencils
Mrs. Paintbrush
Mr. Paintbrush
The Guard of Belbi
The little Gumi
The Red Paper Clip



- "Here we are !" Said Targar, and they went into the "Alpha-Post".


There was a lively crowd that almost filled the restau­rant. Even so, the slim and charming paper tablecloth who came to meet them as they entered managed to find them a table near the window. They sat down, and Targar asked if he could see the Menu.


- "O, I'm sorry, Lord Targar, it's his day off. But we do have a delicious headline today."


- "Fine. We'll have four, then."


- "And for dessert ?"


- "A sweet-words pie !" Clamoured Michael.


- "I kan rekommendt the Skedges !" Suggested Targar's neighbour.


- "In that case, three sketches with H to O and T, please, Miss."


- "Iff I am nodt misstaken, you vould be Targar, the Lordt off the thousand Smiles ?"


- "Yes, that's me."


- "I am fery honored. Ledt me indtroduce meinself. I am Kraft, andt I am in the transpordt bissiness. Diss iss my "fiancée" String!"


- "Very pleased to meet you, Mr. Kraft. Is it your first visit to Alpha-Omega?"


- "Ach, nein...Budt it iss the first time ve kome for the na­tional holiday. Vot a maee the spec­tacle in the garten ? I voundt it absolutely magnifissent. Vot a singer dat Lady Belle iss !"


- "You seem very happy, Mr. Kraft," said Targar, "congratulations !"


- "Ach, you I can tell, Lord Targar. You know, I traf­fel a lodt, in my bissiness, and I haff known some fa­vors nothing but tangles... Miss String here, that's the real thing ! In fact, ve're thinking off tying the knodt very soon." Vote for the web site of Targar


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