We are the dainty eraser band,

Era, erasi, erasum.

And we wish you, little man,

A good night's sleep, till morning come.


I'm Misster Kraft, lissten to me,

All of you children, my best vriends,

If you vould wish, my land to see,

Dream your good dreams until night ends !


Atchoo !!! Atchoo !!! It's Coryza,

Gover ub well, each time it snows.

No bare feet, when it's freeza,

Or you will ged a blogg,

Or you will ged a blogged-up nose.


I'm Lady Belle, love is my song,

For I am she who, night and day,

Waits for true love to come along,

For I know he will come my way.


O all you children, our friends,

Tell the grown-ups when they question,

All they need to gain their ends

Is to have imagination !


Song interpreted by Michael Montesquieu and Frédérique Renimel. Today this song is sung in French, but soon it will be available in English.


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The Dainty Eraser Band

The Dainty Eraser Band