It's enough to turn the page,

Best way to travel.

Discover far-off places

Just like Michael.

Turn the page, that'll do,

But you must believe it too !


In the twinkling of an eye, they found themselves in the square in front of the "Booking Game-Palace".


- "This is Belbi's residence !" Exclaimed Targar.


Michael couldn't help thinking that the palace looked remarka­bly like the bookcase in which Grandfather kept his sea logs…


… Before the palace's wide-open doors, a platoon of scis­sors cut a fine figure as they stood attentive guard…


… A company of blotter-cops kept the crowds waiting for the pa­rade from flowing through the barriers. Two paper-clip trombonists ran past, hurtling down the steps…


On his lectern, raised up on a dais of indigo velvet and bro­cade, sat Belbi. From him and the people around him there ema­nated a sublime light that enveloped Targar and Michael the moment they entered, penetrating them. Advancing as far as the three steps leading up to the throne, Targar flourished his magnificent crepe-paper tail in gallant but deferential salute. There was a long moment of silence, and then the voice of Belbi rang out around the echoing hall.


 - "Stand, Lord Targar. And you, my friends, rejoice and give thanks on this day of festivities, for my faithful servant has returned."


- "O my master," said Targar, standing and turning to Michael, "here is the one who made my return to you possible."


- "Let the child come to me." Said Belbi.


Michael stepped confidently forward. Belbi observed him through half-closed eyes. Then, turning to Targar, he said :


- "His heart is pure and, like all children, the Uni­verse be­longs to him. Teach him in accordance with his inclination to learning so that, as he grows to manhood, he shall not stray from the path." Without further explanation, Michael understood what Belbi was asking Targar to do. Yes, he did want to learn and discover the universe so he was very glad to hear his friend reply : "Whatever my master, the Book of Books, requires shall be done, for from his royal light comes forth life, and his bene­volence is like spring rain."


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The Scissors Platoon
Paper-clip Brothers
The Throne Room
Her Majesty Belbi
The carvers Pencils
Dainty Eraser Band
The Family Gouacho
Family Paintbrushes
Pen, Cil
Booking Game-Palace
Mr Kraft
Lady Belle
Lucette Gouachette
Gouacho Junior
Mr. Coryza
The Red Paper Clip
The scissors


Michael, don't forget to remind this rascal Pen that he has to go to the Sharpener !"


- "O Mimata, please ! I don't want to look like Bald-Point !"


- "You'd have to have a lot shaved off before you loo­ked as bald has him !" She retorted…


A paper handkerchief came in and sat down beside Michael, sneezing violently : "Atishoo !!!"


- "Mr. Coryza ! Whatever's the matter with you? You look all out of sorts !"


- "O, my liddle Glementine, don't mention id. I'b god a sdin­king gold... Atishoo!!! I'd lige a.. Atishoo !!!... Some thing warm to wrab ub in."


- "How did you manage to catch such a cold ?" Asked Michael in sympathy.


- "I only had...A...A...A...tishoo paper gover !!!"


- "You should go to see a Prescription..." Cil sug­gested timidly…


Noticing Targar signalling them, the children quickly took their leave.


- "Goodbye, Mr. Coryza ! Look after yourself ! Goodbye Clementine !"


- "Goodbye, children. Gover up well. The nighds are gold..."


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