Michael Montesquieu, wrote, composed and sang very numerous songs.  He recorded about twenty albums CD, among which some for children, who were sold to hundreds of thousand copies in France, in Germany, in Brazil and all over parts of the world.


He also animated numerous broadcasts of television for the children, among others, "Grain of Salt" of Françoise Lepeuve, "The visitors of Wednesday" and "The visitors of Christmas" of Christophe Izard and sung the generics of these emissions.


He occurred in entertainments and in animations all over the world in front of hundreds of thousand children, accompanied with their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, ect. of various cultures and nationalities.


Hardly of this experience and leaving the postulate which we learn and a lot especially much better when we enjoy ourselves, he wrote the "Adventures of Targar", the first one of which is entitled: " Targar and Michael in Paper Land". He also wrote, composed and sang the songs of the "Adventures of Targar " and he drew all the characters, as well as the places and the sets.



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The Eraser Band

The Eraser Band



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